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Workshops – check back for our 2019 workshops!




11:00 – Greening Greenfield presents:  How to Heat and Cool Your Home – Affordably.  If you have been thinking about upgrading your heating system to save money, or green your home and reduce your “footprint,” this is the workshop for you. Spartan Giordano, who built his own home and loves gizmos, will talk about the latest heating and cooling systems out there, how to evaluate what is the best for your home, and what questions to ask of your installer. Giordano also owns Spartan Solar, a solar hot water business.

12:00 – Norwex presents:  Chemical Crashers –   Learn how to clean your home using just water, no harsh chemicals!  You will also learn a few things about common chemicals we use in our everyday life & how easy it is to eliminate them.  Norwex will save you time, money and your health!

1:00 – Greening Greenfield presents:  How to build a home that has utility bills of less than $500 a year.  If you are thinking of building a new home that has a very low utility bills, this is the workshop for you. Spartan Giordano will talk about what he learned when designing and building his own home, which, was awarded a prestigious Zero-Net Energy home award from the Northeast Sustainable Energy Association (NESEA). In addition to design and material considerations, he will talk about questions you should ask your designer/builder to ensure that you get the eco-friendly home of your dreams at an affordable price. Giordano also owns Spartan Solar, a solar hot water business.

2:00 –  PV Squared presents:  Going Solar in Mass for Homes & Businesses – Curious about solar for your home or business? Learn how a solar project can pay for itself while saving you money. PV Squared, a worker-owned solar company serving Western Mass since 2002, will walk through the economics of a typical residential solar project, including discussion of financing options and the new SMART incentive program.

3:00 – Leaffilter presents: The importance of a rainwater management system.  Learn about some of the signs to look for that could lead to problems, and tips on what to do to avoid them.